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We sure had a fabulous OLE' FASHION SUNDAY on May 15th! Check out the service video! 

What's next? Anything exciting for the kids?


St Paul Lutheran Church is very proud to announce that the Rev Will Weedon will be our keynote speaker for our 175th Anniversary celebration on October 1st&2nd!!

William Weedon has served as a parish pastor for 26 years. He is currently an assistant pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Hamel IL. Weedon served as Director of Worship and Chaplain for the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod from 2012-2019. He is the host of “The Word of the Lord Endures” Bible Study podcast and frequent guest on Issues Etc. He is the author of the books “Celebrating the Saints”, “Thank, Praise, Serve and Obey” and “See My Savior’s Hands.” Pastor Weedon holds a Master of Divinity and a Master of Sacred Theology degree from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. He and his wife Cindi stay busy trying to keep up with their eight grandchildren.

Mr. Doug Freels and Mrs. Alisia Freels, 175th Anniversary Chairperson

Did you know?

In 1846, the first church building was built in Wartburg by Gerding for the Company. It was during July of this year that Reverend John F. Wilken arrived in Wartburg and organized and began public worship. The building was located on Main Street between the Tavern and the Receiving House, or Immigration House which was used by new arrivals to stay and lodge while their own properties were established. These were the only three buildings located along this block on Main Street at this time.

The Church building was located on the block of Main Street which is directly across from the Courthouse Square. Today, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office is located at the site of the first church building.

In 1852, the members of St Paul Lutheran Church agreed to purchase the property located on Spring and Church Street to construct a second church building, parsonage and school. Mr. Gerding provided $200 for this purchase. This property is the current location today and covers the entire block.

During the 150th anniversary, the St. Paul Lutheran Church Historical Society was unveiled. Many artifacts from the past were presented. The Historical room is in the newest section of St Paul.

President Clinton sent a letter of congratulations for St Paul's 150th anniversary? The letter is part of the 150th binder in the Historical room.

August 26, 1945  R.B. Faerber, Pastor

The devil was busy yesterday in our neighborhood. We had good reason to expect at least eleven youngsters for the confirmation class. Three came. We hope that God can accept the excuses of the others. Read Rev. 3:1-6

LWML Fun Fact June 8th 1938

- The LWML Ladies Aide had meetings at members homes.

- Charged .25 a day to rent kitchen equipment & was charged additional .25 a day if kept a day over!

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