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Our worship is always centered in Jesus Christ and directed towards God using words from Scripture in how we pray, sing, and speak. Any Christian ought to feel at home when worshipping here at St. Paul no matter where you come from. For those who have never been to a Christian worship service we are happy to guide you along and know you will soon feel very much comfortable and at ease with our service.

We celebrate Holy Communion every Sunday. Currently individual cups are available. If you are a guest we ask that you speak with either the Pastor or an Elder prior to taking the Lords Supper. Sunday Services are in the Sanctuary at 8:30am &11:00am followed by Sunday School for all age groups at 10:00am. 


At St. Paul we have many ways that you can 'plug-in' with us. We offer various worship services, Sunday school, many diverse ministries and if you are new to the Lutheran Church we also offer  a new membership orientation. Either contact us here online or fill out one of our pew cards for more information. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday!

Our Weekly Bulletin

Missed the service this week? Here is our bulletin so you can follow along at home.

Sermons and Services:

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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

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Join Rev. Dr. Eric G. Phillips as he presents a 7 part video series.

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