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COVID -19 Update

March 14th: We are following very closely the guidance of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod and our Mid-South District Leadership's guidance on the current pandemic. We will be doing the following to best protect everyone at Church and to continue our services and events as best we can. Please note the following:

  • Church services and Sunday School WILL be conducted as usual tomorrow and for the rest of this week.

  • The common cup will be suspended and the individual cups offered only for communion. Pastor will wash his hands prior to the consecration and distribution of the holy Body and Blood of Christ.

  • Please use hand sanitizer which is located throughout the campus. Yesterday the whole campus was sanitized and bleached and will undergo another cleaning after the services.

  • If you are sick please stay home. If you are well please do attend as we are taking every precaution to keep the church safe and clean.

  • We ask you avoid shaking hands, use a elbow bump or nod to greet one another in a safe fashion.

If the pandemic causes more cancellations and quarantine orders are in effect we will still conduct services but do note we will begin offering online services very soon in any event. Please pay close attention to our website for those videos and please follow our facebook page for more updates.

Again, we have things under control to the best of our ability and are closely monitoring the situation by the hour. We are making every effort to ensure a safe and clean worship environment for all our people. Please do be safe and stay tuned!

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