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Youth Group

At St. Paul’s, we fully understand how our young people are not only the future of our church but also an important part of the Faith!  In our world today, more and more people, both young and old, believe that God is not necessary and that you and what you want are enough.  It’s for this very reason we want to strive to help raise up strong, smart, loving, and devout Christians that the world will take notice of and by God’s will to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


By giving our children all the tools, education, and most importantly experiences that will give them a better grasp of our Faith, we will have a greater confidence in their future as they journey to adulthood closer to God than when they began. Our weekly meetings consist of time in prayer with each other, studying God’s Word, discussions of relatable topics in our world, helping support missions, and tons of great activities. As we continue learning and growing in our Faith it is our prayer that you will join us!

We meet every Wednesday at 6:30PM in the Youth Room (on the lower level of the Church).

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